Live Roulette Winner Heads to Vegas, and Makes Big Plans | Royal Panda

Mikael from Sweden has been busy planning his future ever since he won over $229k on Live Roulette at Royal Panda. The 56-year-old has already enjoyed a trip to Las Vegas and plans to invest some of his money, as well as continue playing at Royal Panda!How Mikael will spend his fortune?

€202k Live Roulette winner plans future

We spoke with Mikael shortly after his big Live Roulette win. Though he was bewildered at winning such a large amount of cash, he told us that he already has some great plans!

What will you spend the money on?
I will keep playing on Royal Panda, pay off my apartment and buy Ericsson stocks!

What do you like most about playing Live Roulette at Royal Panda?
Royal Panda is fair – it gives and takes. Polite people, nice games and good communication. Better than most other online casinos I have tried!

You’ve redeemed your Loyal Panda Points for a trip to Las Vegas. How was the trip?
Exciting and fun! I went with Helena – a former girlfriend from 1983. We stayed at the Boulevard. It was a blast!

A month of big roulette wins

Mikael says he played on number 8 or 35, but followed no particular strategy at Live Roulette: he was just lucky! And, good fortune also shines down on some of our other lucky roulette players. Playing Royal Panda Live Roulette, Scott from the UK took his winning streak to over €338k this month, while Blazej won over €79k!

Will you be our next big winner? Spin your lucky numbers at Royal Panda Live Roulette, and give it a try!

Source: Live Roulette Winner Heads to Vegas, and Makes Big Plans | Royal Panda

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Source: The Ultimate Roulette Strategy Guide by Frank Scoblete