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OUR MISSION would like to invite you on an exhilarating journey and thrilling round-the-world adventure, full of exciting games and sensational promotions.

Before we set sail, rest assured that all your needs and preferences will be considered to give you peace of mind and guarantee you an effortless, first-class experience aboard our casino.

 Beyond expectations. Beyond mere excellence. There awaits an experience we call delight. That is our destination.


Welcome aboard

Be it your first voyage with us, or one of many returns, you will immediately feel comfortable and at ease aboard Everything will feel instantly familiar, intimate and easily navigated, giving you a sense of belonging; a sense of place.

Our attentive crew are ready to welcome you aboard. Famous for their hospitality and courtesy, they will put you at ease and deftly relieve you of any cares and concerns you brought from ashore. You will be their top priority for the duration of your stay.

Genuine Hospitality. Service with a Heart.

Be captivated by the sparkle in their eyes; the warmth of their smiles. Modelled on the Cruise Industry, our Service proudly boasts one of the highest staff-to-guest ratios. Delivered by a European-trained staff chosen for their winning personalities and unparalleled expertise, you can expect a genuine camaraderie among our crew that creates a jovial ambiance of goodwill and fun.

 A Personal Connection.

Sharing stories of the day’s adventures, you will enjoy a new connection to the world, its people and its many different cultures.  You will meet sociable shipmates also sharing your voyage. You will feel a genuine sense of membership. You will be pleasantly surprised by the relaxing experience.  And, within minutes, it will dawn on you that, on top of everything else, you are really going to have fun and enjoy your time aboard


Best games

Enjoy 1000 of the world’s top game engines such as, Net Entertainment and Microgaming, amongst many others.

Play anywhere, any time

With advanced Mobile Solutions you can now enjoy the fun anywhere you go, any time you like.

The difference is in the details

It’s our desire to make your game experience with us unique. We’ll take careful consideration of your personal preferences; we’ll meet your high expectations of our service; we’ll support you throughout your journey with us.

Best promotions and gifts

We will look to surpass ourselves every time; surprising you with better promotions, exciting round-the-world cruises and bigger bonuses to play – all individually tailored to your needs. Remember to keep a lookout for our Captain’s daily tips, for even more surprises and interesting facts!

We appreciate your loyalty

The fact that you have chosen us is not taken for granted. We will make sure we show our gratitude at every possible opportunity through our unique loyalty program.



We pride ourselves in offering the safest and most secure online gaming experience. Your account security comes first.

Online security

The Gaming Authority regularly verifies and ensures that we cover all our players’ account balances. uses SSL connections for all information exchanges, meaning that all data is encrypted so that it can only be read by the person it is intended for.

Payments security

Our payment methods are PCI compliant, conforming to all PCI standards. This means that your card details will be handled safely at all times, and that we meet the highest security standards for payments, withdrawals and deposits. Privacy and security are a top priority, and we employ the latest encryption technology to ensure that your financial details and transactions always remain safe and secure.

Responsible gaming

We have an array of technical tools, procedures and processes to facilitate responsible gaming in our casino. They have been put in place to help us look after you. However, if you feel that you need any extra support, let us know and we will go that extra mile for you.


Innovative Casino was founded by a group of casino enthusiasts with a clear goal: to bring colour and life to the world of casino entertainment. Our vast experience within the casino industry has taught us what is important to players. We know what to areas to simplify. We know how to make the experience more exciting. Your journey towards a more lively and entertaining casino experience has already begun. Our mission is to make you feel as if something is telling you it’s time to travel. Perhaps it is a pull – subtle, irresistible – drawing you outward towards adventures long imagined and dreams cherished but unrealized? Maybe you are drawn to answer an impulse, satisfy wanderlust and slip beyond your boundaries to somewhere else? Or perhaps you simply wish to fill in that tantalizing blank on your personal map of the world? Beyond satisfaction. Beyond expectations. Beyond mere excellence. There awaits an experience we call delight. That is our destination.